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DADI X: Fight the Power

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DADI 9 Results

Congratulations to the Myriad of Money Finishers at DADI 9: Back in the Saddle, our first foray into HORSE and Full Tilt! We had 43 players willing to compete in a five-game showdown. The ultimate winner: TRAUMAPOKER! Congratulations, Trauma! For his win, he gets an iPod Shuffle from PokerOnAMac.com, as well as the 1st place prize money. Chipper took Jordan out, and so, whoever took Chipper out won a Revenge Bounty from Jordan. As it turns out, this wasn't the smartest move in a tournament that has Hi/Lo games. So, who took out Chipper? Trauma...I think. Maybe CJ the Luckbox too, according to Trauma last night. And since Jordan gets to figure it all out, the prize money was split. Congratulations again to Trauma, and to CJ, whether or not he actually knocked out Chipper!

Second place went to Drizz! For his efforts, he wins 800 VPP Points from VegasPokerPro.com. The VPP Points can be used for a variety of gift certificates and poker-related merchandise. Third place went to CJ (who, apparently, has never Not Moneyed in a Blogger HORSE event), and the Bubble finisher was PatchMaster (identity and/or blog currently unknown). They both win 400 VPP Points coming to them.

There was a bounty on VPP_Dave. I don't know who knocked him out, but hopefully we'll get that info soon. If it was more than one person, generally the Hi hand wins. The Trust is withholding the decision pending further review.

For all the winners, please contact Jordan at HighOnPokr AT yahoo DOT commissary to claim your prizes!

Thanks again to VegasPokerPro.com and PokerOnAMac.com, loyal supporters of DADI and the Blogging Community. Thank you also to all who came out and joined us.

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DADI 9: Back in the Saddle NEW BANNER

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DADI 9: Back In The Saddle...At Full Tilt...

Due to some craptastic customer service at that other poker joint, we've decided to make a move over to Full Tilt for DADI 9. I just can't tolerate bad customer service.

Jordan is out of town, but I'm sure he'll update the DADI 9 banner when he gets back. In the meantime...

Sign up yo!

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DADI 9: Back in the Saddle

Yee haw! DADI is BACK after a one month vacation and better than ever. This month, we'll be paying homage to five different and delightful games as we make our way from H to E on our very own hobby HORSE. For the uninitiated, HORSE is a mixed game where the game changes after a certain amount of hands. H is for Limit Hold'em, easily the most boring of the games. O is for Limit Omaha Eight or Better (i.e., Hi/Lo). R is Razz, a version of 7 Card Stud where you seek the lowest possible hand (straights and flushes don't count). S is 7 Card Stud regular. And E is Stud Eight or Better (i.e., Hi/Lo). I'd be glad to offer additional information on how to play the various games, but since most of my readers have a vague idea, just send me an email at highonpokr AT yahoo DOT composte heap. And remember to leave off the last E for +EV!

As usual, we at DADI strive to provide you with the most exciting promotions around! That's why VegasPokerPro.com has provided another 2000 VPP points for this tournament, a true Paul Bunyon of generosity. Also, PokerOnAMac.com has donated an iPod shuffle in what is apparently PokerOnAMac.com's attempt to be the Johnny Appleseed of the iPod shuffles! As of now, the winner will recieve the iPod shuffle, second place will receive 800 VPP points, third place will receive 400 VPP points, the bubble will receive 400 VPP points, and a 400 VPP points bounty will be placed on VPP_Dave. Thank you PokerOnAMac.com and VegasPokerPro.com for their continued support!

Also as per usual, this cowpoke has come up with a couple of side contests. Since DADI is less than 2 weeks away, we could really use your help getting the word out. Therefore, we are having our first ever BANNER CONTEST! It's this simple: You create a banner for DADI 9 and post it on your site. Then let me know. On September 20th, me, TripJax, and GCox will meet at the DADI Ranch and determine who we think did the best job. The winner is freerolling at DADI 9! The best part is, no one even pays attention to these contests, so a quick crappy banner may just win the day, and if I know you, you've got at least one quick, crappy banner in you...of course, I don't really know you.

I am also providing a Revenge Bounty. It's a new concept that I was toying with. Here is the basic idea. There is a bounty on whoever knocks me out. If you avenge me, you win $11. Sounds good? Good.

DADI 9: Back in the Saddle. See you then!

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New DADI Template and DADI 9

Has it really been over a month since DADI 8? Lets just say we all needed a break, but the time for DADI 9 is nigh. First, however, a little house keeping...

If you are reading this from Bloglines or another RSS reader, please click on through. We have changed the template and the banner and we'd love for you to check it out. If you see any issues let us know via the comments.

The plan with this new blog is to try and keep all details for each DADI tournament going forward kept within one post. That way, whenever you want to get details on a particular DADI tourney, you can just click on the link at the top and you'll see everything for that tourney in one post. We'll see how things go going forward. The older tourney info is sporadic and across different blogs, but going forward it should be a little easier to keep up with here.

Now on to DADI 9. Actually, we don't have any specifics yet, but just know it is in the works and we'll let you all know as soon as we get everything hashed out. Until then, DADI loves you.

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More DADI 8 Goodness

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