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DADI 6: Pot Limit

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DADI 6 Bonus Preview

DADI 6 is in the early planning stages. Expect the date to be Monday, May 29th. The tournament format is currently in discussion, but when details are available, they will all be released.

In the meantime, let me announce that Vegas Poker Pro.com has kindly offered a combined 2000 VPP Points to DADI 6. The VPP Points can be used at VPP's website for a variety of poker-related items and (poker and non-poker) gift certificates.

1000 Points will be awarded to the Winner of DADI 6.

500 Points will be awarded to the Bubble of DADI 6.

500 Points will be awarded as a Bounty on VPP_Dave.

Thank you to VPP for their contribution. We look forward to seeing you all at DADI 6.

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