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It's Time

The Winner Receives:
$1500 WSOP Seat for Every 54 Players (Travel Expenses not Included)
A free Seat in the WWdn Tournament of Champions

Along with the following special prizes for 2nd - 4th, any remaining prize pool after the WSoP seat(s) are secured will be paid out in increments of $100. Example: If prize pool is $2100, payout will be 1st/WSoP Seat, 2nd through 7th/$100 each.

2nd Place Receives:
An iPod Shuffle, compliments of

3rd Place Receives:
10,000 PSO Points, compliments of PokerSourceOnline.com.*

4th Place Receives:
5,000 PSO Points, compliments of

*PSO Points redeemable at PokerSourceOnline.com at the PSO Points Store.

WPBT Player Of The Year Points will be awarded for this tournament!

Added Bounties:
In addition, for this week only, DADI has joined forces with the WWdn, thus there will be no WWdn on Tuesday, April 25th. We hope all WWdn regulars will play in DADI 5 to support sending another player to the WSoP through a blogger event.

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Stay tuned for more DADI information at the new DADI Blog!

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